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Bonus Picture of the Week

Le Daft Punk

Le Daft Punk

From the forthcoming series, “Art of the Sinclair’s restroom.”

Picture of the Week – 6/2/13

A visitor to our yard relaxes on the roses.

A visitor to our yard relaxes on the roses.

Grandma Advertiser Strikes Again

Here’s today’s featured blog from the Advertiser’s website. Now that they’ve fired most of their staff, those expecting user-generated content to replace journalism might have more of this to look forward to:

Picture of the Week, 9/29/11-10/6/11

Picture of the Week – 8/22/11-8/27/11

Editor’s Note: Yeah, I know what you’re saying. “This blog used to crank out the quality a couple of times a week, with essays of amazing quality. Now it’s just a Picture of the Week … and even that feature isn’t all that regular.”

Well, the summer was a bit crazy, but it is our goal to get back to it, old school style. We have been planning a sort of retrospective to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the blog and also have some fun road trips planned. Obviously our alienation from our adopted home has eroded, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped having weird adventures worth reporting on. It’s just tough to write two blogs while keeping multiple jobs, a clean house, and well-adjusted pets. You know how it is. For now, here’s a pic of some fish from the criminally-overlooked and always-amazing Destin Connection.

Picture of the Week – 8/15/11-8/21/11

I count 26 police cars on the top of this parking garage.

Picture of the Week – 7/25/11-7/31/11

Eastdale Mall's Forest of Terror

Picture of the Week: 6/13/11 – 6/19/11


When you're a) the cops and b) the driver of a Camaro this bitchin', you probably need to park it this far from the curb.

Picture of the Week: 10/11/10-10/17/10

Picture of the Week – 9/27/10-10/3/10