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Picture(s) of the Week – 2/10/13-2/17/13


The Santa on Display in the ABC liquor store on Decatur St.


The Santa on display in the Governor’s Mansion’s gift shop.


The Santa on display in front of a condo in Panama City Beach.

We’re a little late with this one, but that’s how things have been lately with Lost in Montgomery. But we have been saving this one, because it’s a Tale of Three Santas. And let’s keep that Christmas spirit going year ’round, yes?

The Corn Maize — a Photo Gallery

Halloween in Montgomery

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like the cheesy decorations, the lights, the fake witches, the skeletons, the horror movies. I love it all. I like the door-to-door semi-communitarian nature of the dusk ritual. I even like the candy.

Each city handles Halloween a bit differently. Since we are new to Montgomery, this is far from a definitive guide. We are still learning and hopefully, each year, will have new items to report on.

First there is the Corn Maize. We went to Titus, Alabama. It’s in the middle of nowhere, as corn mazes should be. It’s actually not too far. It’s near Wetumpka, a dingy little hole of a town. We have some pics, and will be posting them soon. We thought that $10 each was a bit steep, but we ended up thinking that it was a really good price for a fun evening. The maze was not so hard as to be frustrating, but also not super simple either. There were a good number of people bumbling around out there and a huge part of the fun was just listening to the conversations that people were having from various parts of the maze. Very entertaining to be out there in the darkness on the edge of a meteor crater. There was also music, a hay jump, and “a corn tub.” Evidently, the “corn cannon” is only used during the daylight hours. Definitely worth it, even though they told us that the maze is constructed by poisoning the corn in a certain pattern as it is growing.

Next, in a similar vein is the Pope’s Farm Haunted Hayride. We haven’t been out there yet, but we will report back if we do. It looks like it is about an hour away and the prices for the attractions seem pretty steep. With the economy in the toilet, this might the sort of thing that we pass on due to economic considerations.

Other popular haunted houses include the Atrox Factory and the Sloss Fright Furnace. Neither are in Montgomery, but both have pretty good reputations and have been up and running for a while. We have been to Sloss and thought that the “fright” part of it was uber-lame, but the “wandering around an abandoned and historical industrial site” part of it was super cool. Highly recommended if you have an interest in the Industrial Revolution, corporate architecture, or the history of Birmingham. We can’t speak to Atrox, but if that’s your thing, it might be worth it to go on and drive over to Atlanta for Netherworld, which looks like quite a project.

We’ll keep posting if we learn of new items. We’re pretty sure there are a variety of the Christian “alternative to Halloween” Hell Houses in this area. We haven’t found any of them yet, but given our general experience in this city with the number of super serious church folks, it is undeniable that this is the kind of city where people will be preaching the sinfulness of holidays like Halloween.

We’ll also let you know if we hear of any banging Halloween parties in the area. We have seen a few glimmers of possibility, but nothing is firmed up as of yet. Halloween is a week from tomorrow, so we really need to get it together.