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Bonus Picture of the Week

Le Daft Punk

Le Daft Punk

From the forthcoming series, “Art of the Sinclair’s restroom.”


One rumor is that he lives in the dumpsters behind Tomatino’s and “Eats Only Lizards.”

One rumor is that she is a deranged botanist, seeking to conduct an underground marketing campaign for the Encyclopedia of Life.

And one rumor is that he/she is a hacker and a big fan of the movie Tron, in which “End of Line” is a phrase signifying terminal communication.

And maybe we just made up all of those rumors when we went out New Year’s Eve and saw that the main drag in Cloverdale had been tagged up by EOL.

We’re in a bit of a weird space since we love graffiti, but we also love our local merchants who, understandably, don’t want graffiti on their properties. And this isn’t really anything that merits the label “graffiti,” in the sense that the word can have positive connotations. It’s really just tagging. And there’s nothing all that artistic about it. The tags look like some 11-year-0ld got hold of a large-gauge Sharpie and ran down the street.

There’s a complex social history behind tagging, one that is way deeper than “so-and-so was here” and the usual uninformed stuff about marking gangland turf. But our observations were mostly in the vein of mocking EOL’s lack of talent. Sure, not every scribbler is going to throw up a major piece, a Montgomery-themed burner mural with wildstyle font and thought-provoking images. But seriously, EOL ought to practice in the ol’ notebook before going live and messing up the exteriors of some of our favorite establishments.