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Picture(s) of the Week – 2/10/13-2/17/13


The Santa on Display in the ABC liquor store on Decatur St.


The Santa on display in the Governor’s Mansion’s gift shop.


The Santa on display in front of a condo in Panama City Beach.

We’re a little late with this one, but that’s how things have been lately with Lost in Montgomery. But we have been saving this one, because it’s a Tale of Three Santas. And let’s keep that Christmas spirit going year ’round, yes?

Picture of the Week, 12/9/11-12/16/11

I'm gonna' break. I'm gonna' break this. I'm gonna' break this rusty cage and run.

Comes now that most sacred time of year, when the City of Montgomery erects a shrine to Baby Jesus, and hides it behind chicken wire so the thieves don’t make off with the plaster cherub. And lo, all who look upon it may gaze with wonder that this beautiful moment in human mythology history is represented today as a city’s rural municipal downtown tribute to humble origins, an infant savior, and a fear of vandalism. Let no knee remain unbowed to this annual monument to tasteful beauty.

Christmas in Montgomery

“Well, I may not know much about God, but I have to say we built a pretty nice cage for Him.” – Homer Simpson