Restaurant Reviews

Sometimes we go out to eat. Sometimes we write about those eating experiences here. For your convenience, we have archived our reviews of restaurants in Montgomery (and nearby environs). We are not experts. We are not claiming to be experts. We have, however, eaten a lot of great and terrible meals in a lot of cities all over the world. So we have some things to say about the food we eat. If you disagree, please feel free to comment. If you comment, please do it on the relevant post and not on this page – it’s meant to be an aggregator.

It is important to note that, oysters aside, we are vegetarians. This means a lot of places that interest other people do not interest us. And yes, sometimes we won’t eat the Thing They are Known For. We view this as an opportunity to seek out great, humanely produced food rather than as a constraint.

11 responses to “Restaurant Reviews

  1. Please stop by Taqueria Esperanza (has had a recent name change, so maybe different now) for the best Mexican food in town. Located on the corner Crestview St and Federal Dr, across from St. Luke’s Methodist.

    Authentic cuisine and good prices. Atmosphere is “hole-in-the-wall” as you’d expect from a good, authentic shop.

    They offer excellent “a la carte” sopes, soft (corn, flour) tacos, tamales, huraches, gorditas, etc at very good prices and have lunch plates for under $5. Meats include carne asada, pastor, lengua, chorizo, etc. I suggest the Chilaguiles (pastor)

  2. Go to Wishbone Cafe on Atlanta Hwy! Great service, good food, and the best (pineapple flavored) sweet tea!

    • I visited this restaurant last week and was horrified to see a roach crawling on my table! One employee who was cooking on the grill, laughed as if it was no big deal and another employee came to the table and simply flicked it onto the floor. He had the nerve to bring my co-worker her meal to the table afterwards as we were walking out the door!

  3. Oh, also, You don’t have any sushi joints reviewed yet! I’ve yet to try Ichiban, but Satsuki is amazing!

  4. Go to Michael’s Table on Zelda! Eclectic food choices, high quality.

  5. I have several vegetarian students that I accomodate their vegetarian needs, if you will let me know when you are coming to join us, I will be happy to prepare you a vegetarian lunch, and of course a yummy dessert!

    Luann Dawkins
    Catering and Events Director
    Troy Cafe’

  6. I have eaten at most of the restuarants listed , but don’t see my personal favorite. If you get the chance try Casa Napoli in Wetumpka, they have a mind numbingly fabulous cheescake that the Mother of the owner makes fresh daily and their pasta is made fresh every morning. You can’t beat the pasta anywhere! Happy Eating!

  7. Please check out Wishbone Cafe! By far the best restaurant in town, and the service is fantastic. Go at the beginning of the week to get the Blue Plate Special.

  8. There’s also Bonefish.. For sushi, we LOVE Miyako. We just moved here from San Diego several months ago, so we DEFINITELY need a guide to Montgomery 🙂

  9. Please visit India Palace at its new location. Good Indian food, same owners, but a new and better location

    • Absolutely! I’m very glad that they are back after a two-year’s absence. The first weekend they were open, they served over 900 people!

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