Notes From the Waste Stream

Short version: I pitched a column to an internet magazine. They turned me down. I decided to write it anyway. Installments in order here:

2 responses to “Notes From the Waste Stream

  1. Wonderful writing. Estate sales used to be difficult for me. Now the only time I am bothered is when there are old photographs. I went to a sale with them recently and still regret not purchasing the photographs. I was there at the close of the sale and know that they were not all sold.
    Thanks to Stephen for pointing me here. I don’t subscribe to blogs so I tend to rediscover them periodically. šŸ™‚ Kate, I think we have very similar taste in writers. (Love Wool, although I haven’t read the comic. I do have a signed comic though. Have you read Sand? China Mieville is one of Mark’s favorites). Try the Golem and the Jinni if you haven’t.

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