Us: thirtysomething vegetarians determined to find things to do in Montgomery and share them with others.

You: stumbling on this blog by accident, hopefully willing to share your ideas with us.

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  1. Hey, I am new to the blogging thing, but I hope you might take a look at my site. If you are interested in the project and like what you see, I want to ask your permission to link your blog to mine and perhaps vice-versa. Thanks so much for your time.


  2. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog via the Yellow Hammer site. Kudos for making the most of Montgomery! And more props for being vegetarian here, I have been at it for about a year and it’s not easy!

  3. We are moving to the area, and your blog has inspired us to get more involved with the city. Only one complaint, I wish there was a way to send you a personal message (not posted) on your blog.

  4. Are you OK? You haven’t posted for quite a while. We miss you!

  5. We’re back, Jay. Thanks for missing us!

  6. Hey just found this site while doing a search on rsvp magazine. Very funny review.

    Always like to find other people who blog about the city. I bookmarked your page and maybe we will hook up one day

  7. How about a review of natural food stores or grocery stores with good bulk/organic sections? Where can I find food for my kiddo?

  8. As a newcomer to the city, I’m enjoying your observations. Love the photos.

  9. The last two days have seen lunch on the opposite ends of the spectrum both in location and food choices. Yesterday I met a good friend for lunch to give him a copy of my resume (life’s a bitch). At his choice we met at Farmhouse Kitchen at Hampstead. Nice place in a pretty location but now I know where all the waitresses that worked at Down the Street go when they retire – but they were as sweet as the tea they served. I had Poppyseed Chicken with cabbage, butter beans and cornbread. It was just like my momma’s cooking if my momma didn’t know how to cook as good as she does. My friend had the same except he had fried squash rather than cabbage….at least they said it was fried squash. It looked like mini-hockey pucks only with a brown tint – he passed.

    Today was a different story. My wife and I went to lunch at Raw Life Cafe so she could visit with her yoga instructor who works there on Wednesdays. It is located on Third Street near Jackson Hospital which does not give off the Hampstead vibe. The restaurant is in the front of the building with doctor’s offices in the back. My wife and I both had a slice of “pizza” with her sides being broccoli salad and cucumber salad and mine collard greens and corn. Mine was delicious – everything raw, nothing cooked. The pizza crust was made from ground flax seed and piled high with tomatoes, brocoli, onions and lots of other “stuff”. We both had the ras-blueberry drink which was very, very good.

    My wife is the one in our family who eats like she is supposed to – certainly not me – but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I almost enjoyed it as much as the time I promised to take my wife anywhere for dinner for her 50th and ended up in Larkspur, CA at Roxanne’s – but that’s a story for another day.

    If you are a vegetarian and want to try something different and tasty give Raw Life Cafe a try – this being Montgomery I doubt it will last very long.

  10. found your post about Moody’s Hardware Store, and the poem at the back of the Decatur St store, at Midtown Montgomery Living, and now this blog whilst tracking you down.

    I maintain a webpage about “hardware literature,” and have written to Moody’s for permission to add that poem in entirety amongst the several already included at http://jmcvey.net/hdwe/literature.htm#poetry . I’ve already added a link to the Midtown Montgomery URL. But want to thank you also for the lovely essay.

    I grew up in a hardware store, about which, http://jmcvey.net/hdwe/index.htm .

    Will stop by from time to time, see what you’re up to.

  11. This blog is fucking hilarious. Someone sent me the link to your El Rey review and I had to read the whole site in one sitting. Kudos. Looking forward to keeping up with new entries.

  12. I’ve posted your two reviews of British foods at the Dating Jesus website. You’ll be interested in the comments, I’m sure.


  13. As a 30-something who grew up in Montgomery, AL, but later escaped, I LOVE your blog!

  14. hey again, i found a nearby fenced in area for dogs in prattville that many do not know about. Its on the top of cooters pond park. thought id let you know about it, also…you ever tried geocaching? its a nice way to see areas you didnt know existed… just an idea

  15. OMG!!!! (I almost never use that acronym). I’ve been wanting to read/write a blog like this since I’ve moved here three years ago. Thank you so much for filling this niche! I love you guys already. 😉

  16. Gabbie–

    You’re already at Midtown Montgomery Living (as am I.) There’s also Tim Lennox as well as Talk Montgomery.

    Google ’em up.

  17. This makes us feel right at home!!

    YAYYY – looking for something to do around here as health-conscious, vegetarian/vegan, young-ish liberals from “the North”. Ha – so glad we found your blog!

  18. I really enjoy your blog. I will consider myself “lost in Montgomery” until we escape back north where we came from (hopefully sooner than later). Not a Veg, but appreciate that perspective on dining in the land of fried everything. Keep on keepin on!

    • Thanks for reading. Sorry you aren’t enjoying your time here. We do our best to improve things, bit by bit, and are glad to meet others who are committed to doing the same. We’d hope than in addition to hoping to make a quick exit from Montgomery, you’ll also do some good things to improve it before you depart.

  19. Just found your blog. I moved to Montgomery last year from planet Earth…your blog is so refreshing! Might I suggest a fan page? It would make it easier for a freelance writer with ADHD to check in, you know, because I’m just lazy that way. I look forward to reading more!

  20. Just happened across your site. I haven’t gotten into the bulk of everything you’ve got here, but it’s a wonderful tidbit of information. I’ve lived in Montgomery for several years, but I travel often so I don’t always get a chance to go out and explore.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. (And I agree with Renee about the fan page. I just randomly stumbled across your website, and something pointing people here or there would be wonderful!)

    All the best!

    • Thanks Scott. We were impressed by the photos on your site and look forward to hearing more from you as you wade through the archives. We’ll consider the Facebook “fan page.” If we create it, will you help us promote it by sending it around to your comrades? Send people our way! Thanks again for reading and for your comments.

      • You’re very welcome. I’d be happy to point people your way — particularly those local to Montgomery. If you need any pictures for features on your site, just contact me and I can release a small version to complement a post you’re working on if it’s available. 🙂

  21. Just moved to Montgomery and was searching the internets trying to find out where I could recycle plastic and glass bottles. Good lord Montgomery’s eco-consciousness is nonexistent!!!
    Given the relative paucity of services in the South to begin with and the fact that Montgomery doesn’t seem to spend on services, why the hell is the sales tax 10%???????????? Is there some blatant, Clay-Davis-style corruption of which I’m unaware?

    • Josh, agreed that the city’s “eco-consciousness” needs some work. Hopefully you’ll be one of the concerned voices being vocal and putting pressure on the folks in power. As long as people think of environmentalism as some kind of Communist plot, we’re going to have an uphill struggle. But it’s going to take achievable goals and well-organized folks letting leaders know we care. As for the tax system the regressive sales tax is a staple of civic funding in a state where property taxes are seen as evil. As for what the city does with its share of the ten percent, the budget is a public document.

  22. hello. found your blog w/ the posting of the emory folmar article. i was one of those “skate-boarding” “punk-a rockers” that folmar hated so much. in fact, i was the drummer in vicious diplomacy that played on that fateful night the capri was raided (i still have the flyer). i went to cloverdale jr. high, jeff davis for 1 year, then finished at carver high in the c.p.a.c.c. program. i went to huntingdon, then eventually graduated from auburn. i played football for c’dale, carver, & soccer for h’don, mont. academy, & the mont. men’s team. i played in bands just about all over montgomery, including the capri, a.u.m., battle of the bands (down at the civic center parking lot), & 1048. i skated just about every skate spot in town, including the bell road ditch, the pyramids, & skate church. i have a few stories i could tell you about heckling folmar on that stupid radio talk show. i believe it was on y-102, & i’d call in & always get hung up on. since i’ve just discovered your blog, i’ll try to submit memories as they come back to me. oh yeah, i also hung out at that particular nightclub in question-& still have the ‘gold card’ to prove it.

  23. ps. i also kept the capri in business, during the early days. we’d watch ‘rocky horror picture show’ every weekend. sorry about the mess martin! he let us throw all the crap during the movie until a guy named chris set off a fire extinguisher in the balcony. and i saw ‘last temptation of christ’, & martin made a speech before the film to ask everyone to stand up & look under the seats for a bomb. that was the reality of supporting art while folmar was around–you weren’t really sure if he was kidding or not.

  24. Dear Josh:
    The only place to take your glass bottles in Montgomery, is Target. You can recycle your plastics, paper and cans at Mount Scrap. They have bins outside where you can take those items. Good Luck!

  25. Are you guys military? If not, you do realize that you don’t have to stay here, right? If you are, please serve your time and leave. Nothing worse than a military couple that complains about Montgomery then retires here. Anyway, you should try Roux, Tomatino’s, Street Cafe, and El Rey’s. Uncle Mick’s in Prattville is pretty good too. Try them out and let us know what you think. If one of you should choke on your own pretentiousness, please write about that too.

    • We are both military, but not regular military. We are super top secret military and … oh no! Cover blown! All because of a comment from someone who hasn’t read the blog! Thanks for stopping by with your semi-literate suggestions!

      • Alright! I’ve never known a spy before! You caught me, I haven’t read your blog very thoroughly at all. I could only force myself through a few posts before I threw up in the back of my mouth and wanted to make some suggestions. You know- move, try this place,etc. I just want to stress that Montgomery loves you as much as you have enjoyed your time here. Have a good day. Or don’t,I promise you the world,and Montgomery, goes on either way.

  26. Yes, I predict that facility’s going to end up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

  27. Happened to stumble upon your blog while googling something. So happy I did. We moved to Pike Road when I was 9 back in Dec. 1983. It was Heaven on Earth back then. My folks still live there, in the same house on a dirt road. Love that place. When I married, we settled in Prattville to raise our family.
    Thank you for blogging about Montgomery. It is an interesting area to grow up in and is rich in history. Too bad so many folks are turned off by this area. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and I am happy to have found it. Happy blogging!

  28. Hey, I am happy to have found your blog. I am a Dutch journalist/writer in Urban Design. I just did a story about post Katrina water management in New Orleans, Railroad Park in Birmingham, Fairview Environmental Park in Montgomery and doing a story now about the Alabama Shakespeare Garden. If you are not familiar with the garden: get up early and have a morning stroll…

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