Biscuits Beat Rays

We went to see the Montgomery Biscuits hosts their pro affiliates, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (we’re never dropping the “devil,” no matter what the marketing people say). The minor league guys won!

It was a nice day for baseball once the gray clouds passed by and the sun broke through. The stadium was full (early reports say this was the 6th largest crowd in Riverwalk Stadium history). Everyone was in a good mood.

Rather than write up the game, we’ll hold off on saying a lot more about the new season because Opening Night is Thursday. We might say more then. The Biscuits have a new manager and a bunch of new faces on the team.

Until then, go back and read the tremendous volume of writing (and robust conversation in the comments section) from our season preview from 2012. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Biscuits Beat Rays

  1. I was in Maryland a few days ago. Our kids and grandkids took us to a Family Fun Day at the Prince Georges County Stadium, home of the Bowie Baysox. (Bowie is many miles from the Chesapeake Bay, but for some reason there’s a fake miniature lighthouse decorating a little hill just beyond right field).

    Much smaller than the Riverwalk Stadium, and rather dingy.

    In a few weeks we’ll be moving to Frederick MD, home of the Frederick Keys. I haven’t been to the stadium but from their website, it doesn’t have the pizzazz of Riverwalk.

  2. Jay, this is sad news! You have been one of Montgomery’s best residents and certainly one of our very best commenters here on this blog. I hope that you’ll continue to read LiM from your hopefully-awesome new abode in Maryland.

  3. Certainly I will! Thank you for your kind comment. We’re moving because we’re “reverse empty nesters”. We moved to Alabama 18 years ago for new employment opportunities, leaving our grown daughters in Maryland. Now it’s time to have the family together again.

    No more driving to BHM to catch a Southwest flight to BWI!

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