Fakes and Frauds

We were handed this flyer recently in a local parking lot:



After we got a good laugh about the poor grammar (“stress out?”) we talked about how sad it is that people would pay for something like this. We speculated about whether these kinds of “businesses” increase during tough economic times. We wondered if psychics and mediums were one of Alabama’s hottest growth sectors and whether Dr. Bentley counted these jobs as evidence of his economic successes.

But we also talked about how the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre (no, really, they use the pretentious European spelling and everything) is really doing the same thing as Ms. Ray by bringing noted fraud psychic John Edward to town (and yes, MPAC spells his name wrong on their website, adding an extra “s” to his last name).

MPAC may not be able to bring top notch musicians to town very often, but that’s no excuse for importing a huckster who claims to be able to talk to dead people. We should be ashamed to have this charlatan in our city.

Then again, maybe the police can use Mr. Edward to interview some of the victims of our city’s exploding murder rate. Surely, he (and his magic powers) would be a useful tool in solving any unresolved criminal cases.


6 responses to “Fakes and Frauds

  1. Hey, we’re the home of the Legislature of the Great State of Alabama. Another charlatan or two won’t hurt us. (-;

  2. Funny. I was just talking good about you to my daughter. Yankees that move to Montgomery and choose to judge. I said, they seem to be fair. No more though.

  3. WhatsYourPointy

    A friend once taught me to pronounce such misspellings with a non-silent e. “I wonder if that psychic knows I’m coming to the Performing Arts Sentry.” “Have you been to GracePointy church on Ray Thorington Road?” “Chester and I just bought a mansion in Stoneybrooky Plantation.” “Well, I assume you’re planning to furnish it from the Shoppys at Eastchase.” Sadly the fake-Euro-E extends far beyond Montgomere.

  4. I’m a Yankee. I don’t eat grits.

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