Montgomery’s Lightning Route

photo(1)Did you know that Montgomery was once home to the nation’s first electric trolley? It was a marvel of the times, a true wonder of science, technology and progress. We were envied by the rest of the world for our public transportation.

No more. Now, we only drive cars or trucks, burning fossil fuels and cutting off the poor from employment and health care. Out city buses became famous for racism and tactics deployed against it. We now incentivize sprawl, which is convenient for those looking to flee neighbors that don’t look like them or share their values.

This sign is still on display downtown, as poetic in decay as the discarded idea it represents. Here’s hoping that one day our city will again be on the cutting edge of something good.


5 responses to “Montgomery’s Lightning Route

  1. What is happening with this? I can’t even.

    • In 1986 the city evidently held a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Lightning Route. This sign is from that celebration. It is in a window downtown.

  2. Yes, I understand that part of it. I’m not a total retard. Are you, pray tell?

    Where are you from again? I’m asking.

    • You should ask better questions. “What is happening with this” is even worse than “Where are you from?” But really, take a few hours before asking. We’re suffering from a bit of tsisageya overload at the moment.

  3. Oh, sorry. And yes, I should ask better questions. Take a moment.

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