Alabama Accountability Act

At the end of the legislative session of 2013, congratulations are due to the Alabama Legislature on its passage of the Accountability Act, which provides a fundamental restructuring of K-12 education in our state.



4 responses to “Alabama Accountability Act

  1. Am I misinterpreting the article, or does it say that when a child leaves a failing school, 20% of the per pupil spending that would have been spent on that student will still be given to the failing school? One might ask how a school could ever possibly succeed when it is receiving an 80% decrease in funding when the children whose parents want them moved go to another school. Also, tax credits…..I would like to see how many folks in these failing schools are significantly above the poverty line, a line below which we know tax credits are almost meaningless…..

  2. The premise of the law is to apply market-style pressures to low-performing schools. The theory is that schools will improve when faced with the prospects of their students fleeing. Because evidently these “failing schools” just don’t care enough to try right now. But they can totally be prodded to make reforms that benefit students.

  3. Imagine a notice: Attention Employees: The beatings will continue until morale improves

  4. My child goes to a private school, but we live in a “failing school” neighborhood. I pay about $2000 more than the tax credit will provide for her schooling. This means that if I was unable to pay the extra $2000 each year, the credit would not help my family. My family budgeted for private school when we chose our neighborhood. So, this new tax credit is just a bonus I will receive for paying for something I was already buying. Also, my home value should now shoot sky high as I can say that living here gives you money each year! Ha! You would think that good schools = high home values, but not with this system. [Note, I pay about $6000 less in homeowner’s taxes than my sibling who has her child in an award-winning district with high home values].

    Also, will the tax credit be available for home schoolers? Think on the ramifications of a financial incentive for parents to keep their kids at home (instead of those whose incentive is a more positive school experience for their children).

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