What up May?

Well, we haven’t been going to restaurants to review. And we haven’t been going to various local sites and attractions. And we haven’t been synthesizing our piles of research into interesting and funny posts about local institutions. What the hell have we been doing? Why has this blog been so sparsely populated of late?

There’s no easy answer, really. Obviously, we’ve been a weekly presence over at our other blogging gig. And we’ve had some travel. And also the entire spring was a massive frenzy of “nose to the grindstone” activity at work. But frankly, I’m also not sure why the posts here have slowed so substantially. And the list of what we have been doing is almost as long as the list of what we haven’t.

We have been to the new SandBAR. It’s a bar downtown on the Riverfront. The building is owned by the city (we think) but the bar is owned and run by the people that own the AlleyBAR. It used to be a police substation, and before that, was (we think) a train station, and before that (we think) it looks like it was some sort of grain silo. The parenthetical speculation made us wary of throwing up a blog post, although we did take some pics and considered writing a review (it isn’t that great).

We haven’t been to Jubilee. We love music festivals. We went to CityStages in Birmingham, back before that sadly folded. And I did, actually, go to a couple of Jubilee festivals back in the day, when it had FOUR stages and was a three day event. Great memories and great music. But this year, even though it was free, we weren’t going to go see a lame band like Sister Hazel. Last year, we briefly entertained going to see Janelle Monáe and Bruno Mars. They seem decent enough, but not quite over our threshold for quality. And we really, really wanted to see Erykah Badu back in ’08, but it was something like $40. And we can’t even remember the other acts that have played during the rest of the time we’ve lived here. They were obviously that forgettable. We DID go to the Jubilee Brewfest last year, but it wasn’t that great. If you’re curious about what kind of music we’d like to see, consider that we are lusting after the 1995 Jubilee lineup, which featured Dr. John, Drivin’-N-Cryin’, Col. Bruce Hampton, oh, and B.B. King. Another year at the Jubilee, I saw Violent Femmes, The Del McCoury Band, and the North Mississippi Allstars. Evidently Jubilee has also, over the years, featured Leftover Salmon, Leon Russell, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Maceo Parker, Medeski Martin & Wood, moe, Bonnie Raitt, Dwight Yoakam, Galactic, George Clinton, Gov’t Mule, The Black Crowes, James Brown, and Widespread Panic. So we KNOW quality is possible and empirically proven. Let’s get back on the good music train!

We haven’t been to any of the amazing stuff at the Shakespeare Festival lately. This one is really causing us to kick ourselves. They have had a run of amazing plays, along with a rock opera about the Cyclops from Euripides. There is no excuse for us missing these amazing opportunities. We are busy and obviously fools to have missed the spring schedule.

We have been hanging out with our pets and futzing around in our yard, neither topic especially well suited for blogging. We don’t even have anything amazing in our garden to report on yet, although there are some lovely rose bushes that are showing promise, and some lemongrass that we have purchased from a grocery store and sprouted ourselves and planted in the ground.We have also been consuming exceptionally large quantities of the NBA playoffs, another topic not really suited for Montgomery-themed blogging. Go Celtics.

We haven’t been to The Capri lately. This is a tragedy that we intend to rectify. We’d love to write up some movie reviews, along with doing some reporting on their new “Master Plan.” Sadly, we aren’t rich enough to attend their Major Donor Party ($300 contribution minimum). Still, if good things are in store for The Capri, it’s good for all of us. More edgy independent movies please!

We have continued to be impressed with Leroy, the new bar run by the owners of El Rey Burrito Lounge. So very well done. We’d hang out there all the time if we were richer, bigger drunks, and/or unemployed. We hope to settle in on some bar stools this summer and exchange witty bar banter with our neighbors.

We haven’t taken any cool Pictures of the Week. We miss that feature. It was good for those weeks when we didn’t get much writing done. We resolve to get back on that.

We have eaten at Central (the new restaurant downtown in the alley), but we haven’t written it up as a review yet. It was pretty good, but wasn’t ideal. We had a tasty boiled peanut hummus and some good fish, but had an under-cooked sweet pea ravioli and some exceptionally poorly shucked (and inexcusably tiny) raw oysters. We’d like to go back and give it a proper review.

Among the things on our to-do list for the blog: check out the state archives, eat at Michael’s Table, attend some sporting events at Huntingdon, go to an ASU baseketball game, go to a football game at Cramton Bowl, write another couple of music reviews of local musicians, make fun of the city’s new “Capital Cool” slogan, visit the Fitzgerald Museum, and do a few more in-depth pieces on things like the zoo and the police department. What else should we do?

Anyway, this is just a post to let you know that Lost in Montgomery still burns in our hearts, even if it doesn’t always flow from our brains through our fingers across the keyboard and into the blog. Thanks for your continued attention.


5 responses to “What up May?

  1. Michael’s Table? And you say that you aren’t rich?

  2. Worth it. It’s become our favorite splurge for sure. Good food and good service! That’s quite abnormal for this town.

  3. check out the monthly guitar pull at Cloverdale Playhouse.

  4. The Board of the Capri would welcome your review and frank discussion of our Master Plan. As we approach the final push to retire the mortgage and begin the Capital Campaign, we will be soliciting the communities opinion on what it is that they would like to see the Capri become and or remain to be. The Master Plan is a vehicle for discussion. The Capri ultimately belongs to the community and our board will respond to their input and guidance.

    And I to would like to give a shout out to Michael’s Table – great people cooking and serving great food.

    Henry Rollins at the Capri in October could prove interesting.

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