Picture of the Week, 12/9/11-12/16/11

I'm gonna' break. I'm gonna' break this. I'm gonna' break this rusty cage and run.

Comes now that most sacred time of year, when the City of Montgomery erects a shrine to Baby Jesus, and hides it behind chicken wire so the thieves don’t make off with the plaster cherub. And lo, all who look upon it may gaze with wonder that this beautiful moment in human mythology history is represented today as a city’s rural municipal downtown tribute to humble origins, an infant savior, and a fear of vandalism. Let no knee remain unbowed to this annual monument to tasteful beauty.

5 responses to “Picture of the Week, 12/9/11-12/16/11

  1. No hate mail please

    My mother is a Montgomery native and recently I considered a move to your fair city. Being an avid blog reader I was excited to run across your blog , but after reading the majority of your post I was angry because instead of painting Montgomery as the city I remember from my happy childhood visits with my grandmother, your negative spin on almost every aspect of the city scared me away. After a trip to Montgomery to “case out the joint”, I was surprised and disheartened to find your take on the city quite accurate. I WILL NOT BE MOVING TO MONTGOMERY!!!!!

  2. Glad you have enjoyed the blog, but a careful reading of all of our posts would reveal that we quite clearly love Montgomery and are quite happy to be living here.

  3. Like almost any city, Montgomery has its good points and its not-so-goods. I really appreciate Stetson23’s ability to point out both.

    Most children enjoy visiting Grandma. And Grandma takes the grandkids to the zoo, the playgrounds, the children’s section of the Montgomery art museum (one of the absolute best places to take a child). I’m sure that she didn’t take you to the Islander Lounge or the bail bondsmen.

    We retain our happy childhood memories more than our sad experiences. So, it’s natural to look back in time with rose-colored glasses.

    Making a decision like this on the basis of a blog, which you admit is “accurate,” is not very wise.

    Like Stetson 23, I love Montgomery and am happy to live here.

  4. Still, she has a point. There is a lot of unnecessary negativity on this blog.

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