The 3 Year Anniversary Special

We moved to Montgomery three years ago this past August. It was past midnight by the time we’d crammed our motley assortment of stuff into a beautiful old home surrounded by towering oak trees full of shrieking cicadas. We needed something to eat. Surely there would be a restaurant open past midnight? Off to the Waffle House! We got it to go and used plastic forks to shovel hashed browns in varying stages of dispersal and suffocation into our weary mouths.

Later, when we “got Internet” we were surprised to discover how little it offered interested and active Montgomery residents. There were a smattering of Look At My Charming Family-type blogs, the then-terrible (and now only slightly better) Montgomery Advertiser website, and not much else. We weren’t asking for much. We wanted to find a few thrift stores to furnish our house and a couple of restaurants to diversify our all-Tomatino’s diet. So we decided to make a record of our various finds.

Looking back, sometimes it is hard to separate the memory of our experiences from our blog posts. We had a great time at the Corn Maize and the Prattville Wilderness Park, even if those aren’t examples of our very best writing. We’ve been civic minded – we went to a gubernatorial debate! And we wrote about a million posts about recycling (and our city’s abandonment of helping us do it)! And we totally called the cold fusion trash plasma machine debacle, or whatever it was the mayor was trying to do instead of having curbside pickup recycling like a real American city.

We threw up some “pictures of the week” as a way to share our visions with you. We wrote a bunch of restaurant reviews, many for restaurants that are now closed. Our all time most popular post is the review of Young Barn Pub and Oyster Bar, if you can believe it (“Decor-wise, Young Barn Oyster Bar looks like a Banana Republic made sweet love to a Margaritaville but forgot to call in the morning.”)

Because we now embark on our fourth year of being Lost in Montgomery, we thought we’d pick out a few highlights from our back catalog. For the last year and a half, we’ve been writing for Midtown Montgomery Living, and while that site’s captured some of our “coming events” type ideas, we’d like to think that this site’s got a lot of life left in it, even as we become more and more integrated into the city we call home. There’s plenty to write about here in town, whether fully, or merely partially, alienated. And even though we sometimes get a rap as a negative website pointing out the ways in which our town’s economy continues to dissolve into blight, we’re actually also pretty unrelenting boosters of our fair city, our opinions about the Advertiser’s “Best of Montgomery” notwithstanding.

Below, a few things we think you might enjoy.

  • Ray the Freecycle auteur. When we finally unpacked, we got into Freecycle – first as a way to dispose of our moving boxes, but then as a crazy cultural phenomenon. We discovered some hilarious writing there.
  • Remember when we used to have Bruno’s? We went to the close-out sale at the Bruno’s that used to be on Perry Hill. It was sad, but we also got some good deals. And took pictures of funny grocery items.
  • Learn existentialism: Eat at Subway. One of our very favorite restaurant reviews, borne of too much education, too much spare time and not enough downtown lunch options.
  • Treacle. We tried it. It was so orange. We resolve to try more things for you this year, dear readers.
  • We remembered the anniversary of Zelda’s death. We found her recipe for “Breakfast.” We noted that there was a Krystal (gross) at the corner of Zelda and Scott now, even as we argued with readers about the provenance of Zelda Road’s name.
  • Better to be lost in Montgomery than buried? We visited Greenwood Cemetery, then turned the corner to find Lincoln Cemetery. We wrote both up just after Advertiser reporter Jill Nolin did her first piece in a series that’s finally prompted some major and extended action preserving and mapping Lincoln Cemetery.
  • Loud, fast and out of control. What’s more fun than venting about air shows? It’s seeing the post getting a hilarious comment over a year later.
  • Free magazine reviews that still make us laugh. One of our very favorite features here at Lost in Montgomery is the Free Magazine Review. Our feeling is if the “editors” think enough of themselves to put their writing in your hands, they deserve some feedback. And, well, you get what you pay for. Check out what we had to say about Montgomery Parents and Montgomery Living (now “River Region Parents” and “River Region Living,” for reasons so obvious and objectionable they aren’t even worth rehashing here).

Thanks to all our readers for hanging in there with us during our periods of frequent and infrequent (mostly infrequent) posting! Tell a friend. Or don’t. We’re here, we’re happy.


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