Davis Theater Explosion

Montgomery is home to a really cool theater.

Well, that is to say that Montgomery is home to a really old building — which is kind of cool if you are into historic preservation — and it functions as it once did in 1930 — as a theater. And that’s about the extent of the coolness.

The Davis Theater is inexplicably terrible.

It looks cool. But in three years of walking by it on a daily basis there has not once been a single thing that has even remotely piqued our interest. They have shows, of sorts, but it is the worst kind of stuff you can imagine: professional jugglers, gospel concerts, singer-songwriters you’ve never heard of, Michael Bolton, boys choirs, hysterically evil animal exploitation shows. Imagine a Grade D quality Branson, Missouri, with a rotating cast of touring acts that remind you just how deep the showbiz barrel really is.

It’s sad that this lovely-looking theater is being used to import a never-ending stream of performance waste. It’s good that it’s owned by a university so that it probably isn’t expected to turn any sort of profit.

Seriously, take a look at the calendar of events and see if anything on there looks less than terrible to you. It’s amazing when the graduation ceremonies for prison guards isn’t the least depressing thing on your event list. Historic preservation is good, but if you’re going to have someone book acts, maybe they shouldn’t be born in the year that the theater opened.

All of which is totally unnecessary preface as an excuse to show the following two photos that I took today:

Post Father's Day Gospel Explosion

Talent Explosion

How could anything that explodes so often be so little fun?


2 responses to “Davis Theater Explosion

  1. One of the things that I love downtown is the Davis Theater. It is true that I don’t go to see the shows, but I appreciate that it is there. It is such a lovely building (the inside is just beautiful). I am thankful that someone preserved it (even if it is only to house Troy events and schlock).

    I have been told that there were two theaters on that corner at one time. One was the “white” theater and the other was the “black” theater. It saddens me that both were not preserved.

  2. I once had the opportunity, about a dozen or so years ago, to see a fantastic performance of “Into the Woods” at the Davis Theatre. It was a traveling troupe that put on the musical during a nationwide tour, and they packed the house. I’ve been to the Davis for other great performances, but it’s been many years now. Lately, Troy uses it for their graduations and seems to not care about what else goes on there. 😦

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