Blogging About Books


I felt like it would be nice to share a post flagging some great blogs written about books. Just because I like books. And I think people should read more of them. Mostly these links reflect my abiding interest in weird books, their covers, and the people who are into weird books and their covers. Please add some more links in the comments if you see fit.

  • Awful Library Books. A new-ish endeavor that curates a selection of books that are actually held by public libraries. The discussion of “Why We Weed” is particularly interesting from an outside-the-discipline perspective. The question of what books should be removed from catalogs, using what criteria, is interesting. I myself never get rid of books. This makes moving increasingly expensive and improbable.
  • The Dusty Bookcase. A new discovery for me. Especially worth reading the author’s ongoing “thing” with POD (print on demand) publishers…see here and here for examples.
  • The Caustic Cover Critic. Mostly taking issue with … you guessed it. The author is a former writer for Bookslut, and knows his way around a book. Some more great POD cover bashing – you can read those stories here. A favorite post includes some so-hilarious-you-can’t-believe-it romance novel covers.
  • People who are into cataloging things. There’s a whole raft of them. If you’re a Mason (or just collect things masonic), this site will help you organize your stuff (check out the parent site). These people seem just as cryptic. I wish I knew more about their project. There’s a whole internet rabbit hole to lost yourself in if you’re interested in

    This is indeed a disturbing universe.

    taxonomies and how they’re generated (and who isn’t these days, what with crime and the economy and all?). If you’ve got even a hint of sympathy for the folks who want to problematize the idea that there are stable, basically uni-directional relationships between signifiers and the thing they signify, reading this stuff can be kind of mind-blowing. It’s like stepping into an alternate universe where cool means chilly, and sick means having an illness and punctuation acquires strange and confusing new powers.

  • Old Books.  Make sure you check out the wonderful blog “Got Medieval.” Also find eclectica and some good writing at Bookride.
  • Comics are a kind of book. So why not read these old Christian comics someone’s generously scanned to share? Then you can read this great article about them.

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