Knock You Nekkid

A few weeks ago we posted a regretful note to our friends over at Cool Beans. The note lamented the extraordinarily high price of their coconut and sour cream cupcakes, with particular attention devoted to what seemed to us like a lopsided price-to-cupcake mass ratio. Still, we do sometimes need to get our sugar fix in Downtown Montgomery. We have in the past gone so far as to eat the blindingly-hued red velvet and key lime cakes they used to serve on tiny styrofoam plates at Bama Bistro. We’re not sure if they still sell those, as that restaurant never seems to be open when we walk by it.

We have found a new deal (not in the FDR sense). In addition to serving vegetables, meats, and gooey gooey pastas for lunch, the Troy University (Montgomery campus) cafeteria sells dessert. It varies day to day, but on the day we were there to purchase sweet tea, we saw down the line that an imposing woman was yelling something incomprehensible about a tray of cake.

As we got closer, we realized she was saying “Knock you nekkid!” We were not sure if this was a threat or some horribly misguided marketing policy, but she explained that this was simply the name of the cake. It was, evidently, so good that it would forcibly remove our clothes.

Because the cake’s white frosting was covered with crushed-up pieces of Butterfinger candy bars and it was described as having a caramel center, we considered that this was possible. And we ponied up for a half slice that was big enough all on its own to come with an insulin prescription. Only 99 cents! And as a half-piece, it might result in us only being partially disrobed! If Downtown’s various eateries have a better deal than this, I’d like to see it.

You may be asking whether clothing was, in fact, knocked off when we consumed this preposterously sweet item. To which we say, what’s wrong with you? The Internet is one place where nudity is not allowed.


4 responses to “Knock You Nekkid

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed our little cafe’!! I hope you return and try the Blueberry Buckle (folks almost fight over it) and we did an amazing Bread Pudding with a White Chocolate Sauce last week. We put out a weekly menu and would be happy to e-mail you a copy every Monday, so you can plan you dessert days. Thanks so much for the kind words and we hope to feed you again very soon!!

    Luann Dawkins
    Catering Director
    Troy Montgomery
    (and the resident dessert chef)

  2. P.S. I am also the imposing woman yelling at folks!

  3. Hey Luann, thanks so much for reading and commenting. How’d you find us? We’re glad to have you reading, glad to have you providing tasty cake, and glad to count you as our neighbor! See you sooon!

  4. Thanks so much, we hope to see you often! We had a student that follows your reviews tell us about your site, and we are so glad they did! Come cisit us today for a lucious bread pudding with white chocolate sauce. Thanks again for the review!

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