Dear Cool Beans

I like you. I promise that I do. I even declared my love for you to all of the Internets. Not that I’m a big advocate of conditional affection or anything, but I did remark at the time that your prices are a bit high. And if that’s the cost of our occasional dalliances, well, so be it. Just don’t be surprised when they are increasingly occasional. After all, I’m working on a nonprofit salary and paying down student loans and it’s pretty darned hard these days to find $1.50 plus tax for a cookie. Sure, it’s a tasty cookie. It’ll get you through an afternoon of report-writing and right into a yoga class if you time it right. But still…$1.50? Well, I should have counted myself lucky to escape with such a great deal. Because compared to what I just paid for one of your cupcakes, the cookie is a steal.

The cupcake seemed like a good idea. I like your coconut and sour cream cake. I like cupcakes. I have been to some of Los Angeles’ finer cupcake eateries and have not flinched in the past from paying several dollars for a lovely cupcake. But what I got from you today was really just a slap in the face. Sure, it was delicious. But was it $2.50 plus tax delicious? I’m gonna say no. It’s got a delicate taste, but it’s not even in the top echelon of coconut-type cupcakes I’ve consumed in my life (and that’s a lot). Maybe I would feel more charitable if the cupcake hadn’t seemed like it would barely fill a standard size cupcake liner. With frosting. And yes, I get that the sour cream batter is more dense. But $2.50? Please – the poor cupcake is barely the size of one of your cookies. I was sad, Cool Beans. I don’t have much money, and was so excited to acquire a lovely dessert treat from you to make my Monday better, and all I got was a tiny morsel of regret.


9 responses to “Dear Cool Beans

  1. I hope one day to afford a large bowl of fresh gelato from Cafe Louisa.

  2. Cafe Louisa’s gelato is fantastic! Often, after a pizza at Tomatino’s or a dinner at Sinclair’s, we pop up for gelato at Cafe Louisa.

  3. What amount would you not regret paying for a really good cupcake? I ask because I make ’em and will be delighted to sell you and lots of other Montgomerians some.

    • I think it depends on the size, tastiness, selection & etc. I think you have to stay under $3 in Montgomery, and $1.75 to $2.00 is probably the “sweet spot.” This guy we call the Pie Man comes around our office selling goods that may or may not fund what may or may not be, basically, a cult. He charges in the $2-$4 range for mini-loaves of strawberry bread and 2-serving type pies. He also gets confused about what exactly his name is. The pies are really good. Let us know when you decide to go into business. I think there’s a market for really good cupcakes here.

      • Thanks! This is super helpful.

        Until I get licensed, you can order my cupcakes through Jennie Weller catering. I can take the orders through my email address I specialize in tasty, gourmet but not too snobby flavors, like chocolate with salted caramel buttercream, sour cream lemon with lemon cream cheese icing, pina colada, red velvet, chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate covered cherry, strawberry, etc. Anything you can dream up. I can do small batches or huge orders for parties and events.

        Eventually this will all be official (and called Megalicious Cupcakes) and I’ll have a web site, etc. I’ll let you know when it happens.

        Also, your Pie Man story anecdote is a hoot.

  4. Yes. It is sad. I like Cool Beans and we need alll the quality restaurants in Montgomery we can get dwontown, but the prices just drive me and my colleagues away. Sad to say. Plus the service was so bad that one had to lasso the waiter to get service and beg for a menu.
    Now it seems somewhat better. I hope it survices, but it won’t based on my eating there!

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  6. Sometimes a gal just has to respond. Sorry to ask but have any of you been to the grocery store lately? Cool Beans prices may be higher than McDonald’s or than commercially made cookies, but that is for a reason. All of Cool Beans are made with REAL ingredients. They cost more. Look at the label on a package of cookies– any “fresh baked” cookies at ANY grocery store, from Publix to Fresh Market– and the desserts provided by mosst retaurants. None of them can boast butter and all of them are made with preservatives. Cool Beans’ are all butter, baked fresh every day. Oh, and that involves people — to bake those cookies and cakes FRESH EVERY DAY.

    You are right, my food is not frozen. Actually, we serve as much organic and locally grown food as we can obtain. That also costs more, so does Texmati rice and whole wheat flour, fair trade coffee, smoothies made with all-real fruit. The list goes on and on. I admit, Cool Beans prices are higher but you do get what you pay for. An occasional quality treat may be better than an affordable garbage frequently. AS you say, you get what you pay for.

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