Midtown Montgomery Living

If things have been a little slow around here at LiM in the last few weeks (and they have), it’s because we’ve been putting together a new project. We’re proud to announce that we are writing and editing over at Midtown Montgomery Living (MML), a new blog launching this week. The project is a working collaboration with Sandra Nickel (of the Hat Team) and a diverse and interesting group of regular writers and occasional contributors.

We’ll be writing over there at least once a week and helping Sandra to manage the authors who will be posting on the site. We are hoping that all of you, loyal readers, will stop by over at MML from time to time. There will be writing about gardening, architecture, cooking, restaurant reviews, Midtown businesses and events and neighborhood news. We hope that the site will boost interest in living and working in Midtown, while still providing interesting reading for folks who aren’t lucky enough to live in this part of town.

This does not mean the end of Lost in Montgomery by any means. We will continue to bore you with our endless (if sporadic) chatter about recycling, insult the bad chain restaurants that infest East Montgomery like scabies on a flea market couch, document our day trips and restaurant reviews and even occasionally provide constructive or helpful advice. It’s just that some Midtown-specific content (like our new review of Tomatino’s) will now be put over at MML. And hopefully folks from over there will meet some folks from over here and it’ll be a real civic online hyper-local party session. Or something.

Thanks for your continued readership and please feel free to leave us comments at any time.


3 responses to “Midtown Montgomery Living

  1. I enjoyed the new MML. But for both here and over there, much will depend on “audience participation.” The most successful blogs involve much participation by the mods.

  2. Larry Grewelle

    I was driving downtown on South McDonough St., when low and behold I saw a Crematorium in the Garden District! How did that get there???

  3. Just move to Montgomery from Michigan. Lookin g forward to learning more about the city.

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