“It’s the best 70 bucks I’ve ever spent.”

That’s what I kept saying, every time I built a fire in our new outdoor patio chimney (a.k.a. the chimenea).

You see, I like to burn stuff. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It is much better than following the new city law and putting stuff in black plastic bags and putting them by the curb.

So I was burning stuff (leaves, sticks, junk mail) in our back flowerbeds. It helped to clear out decades of overgrown debris too. Much better than hand pulling weeds and limbs and clearing brush. So I was making a big pile in our flower beds and burning it, worrying constantly about things spreading or the fire department arriving with some sort of punitive fine.

Enter: Chimnea.

They sell them on the side of 231 between Troy and Montgomery. I had used them before, always enjoying them but never knowing where to get one or how much they cost. Now? We have a patio. We have some outdoor cheap furniture. We have a place for cocktails at dusk. And we have big trees that drop limbs and leaves. Perfect fuel for enhancing evenings.

They are sold at a place we are pretty sure is called The Rug Connection. We believe the town it is in may be Ramer, but think this based only on wild Google-type speculation. Also at the store are, well, a variety of rugs. They keep these inside. And, weirdly, turquoise jewelry. Also there is a greenhouse, but we’ve never been in there.

This isn’t really about Montgomery, per se, but this simple ancient technology has enhanced our outdoor experiences of our own house so much, that it seems to fit with this blog’s theme(s) about our lives in Montgomery.

So get yourself one of these things if you’ve got the backyard to support such an effort. Fix yourself a drink of your choice (mojito this time of year, maybe some hot cocoa when football season rolls around), and enjoy. Maybe even fire up some s’mores, as we have been doing. Unfathomable levels of delight as marshmallow melts over chocolate.

But just sitting around one of these and talking (or not) is worth the purchase price. The biological part of your brain that appreciates sitting around a fire (even if largely repressed by generations of acclimation to television and air conditioning) will thank you.


One response to “Chimenea

  1. Pure genius: “The biological part of your brain that appreciates sitting around a fire.” Profound way to put it, & thank you for writing-there is no denying my chiminea, on more than 1 occasion, saving my mind;-) One, if so wacky enough may also enjoy building their own chiminea/Kaab oven style structure-but best to just make the trip down 231 to purchase a chiminea, as I don’t know of many places around Montgomery that sell these little gems (besides generic ones @ Lowes, Wal-M, home depot, etc)

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