Woodmere Park

Regular readers of Lost in Montgomery know that we’re keen on exploring the City of Montgomery’s park system (90 parks!). We’re interested in outings with the dog and discovering the city’s various flora and fauna. We’ve been out to Blount Cultural Park a few times (keep meaning to write that up), but wanted to take a dog walk at a new place with less goose poop. So one cold Sunday we decided to visit Woodmere Park, across the street from the Shakespeare Festival.

The park is about 20 acres, divided into two sections. When you pull into the parking lot, the section on the left side has trees, a small playground, picnic zones, and a drainage ditch. This part of the park is called the “football field.” You could, in fact, get a game going there. Hopefully your ball would not land in the drainage ditch running past the side of the field, but otherwise it seems nice. The other side of the park has a mile trail around it, and on the day we were there there was not another soul in sight — not even in the back yards of the many houses that border the park. Which we could basically see into the back yards of dozens of houses. Which was kind of voyeuristic and weird. Also it was a cold day, so it’s not a major surprise that there was nobody out in their yards, but still it seemed vaguely like there could have been some kind of zombie apocalypse that we didn’t hear of, and the next “person” we saw while walking the trail might try to eat our brains. Fortunately, this did not occur.

If you go to Woodmere be prepared for the strange inversely proportional ratio of essential equipment (like benches and trash cans) to culverts and drainage ditches. There are a lot of the latter, and not so many of the former.

But, despite all the scenic concrete culverts, the walk is pretty nice. And, unlike walking across the street at the Shakespeare Festival, you don’t get much goose poop on your shoes at all.


2 responses to “Woodmere Park

  1. I live about 15 minutes’ walk from Woodmere Park. I’ve had confrontational encounters with geese there, but less often than at Blount Cultural. Visit again after it warms up a bit, and you’ll find plenty of runners, walkers, dogs, and soccer players.

  2. i agree with you, i never ever see anywhere there whenever i go there. Goose poop can be a big problem at Blount Park, i wish they would just fence a large area off there for dogs but they never do… i like the article

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