If you go: Baptist South Hospital

So you’re sick. And you’ve moved beyond the reach of over-the-counter scams and need some hands on care from a profit-hungry machine so big and costly that it gives the military a run for its money. Whether you think health care reform is Socialism, or you support universal coverage, a trip to the hospital will plunge you into The Public, much like a visit to the courthouse or the DMV.

Or maybe you merely know someone who is sick. You’re heading in for a visit. Maybe you’ve brought some flowers and a strict timetable about how long you intend to stay before you rush back to “the real world,” leaving them to deal with their tubes and wires and pills and institutional food.

Ah, healing. The hospital. Purveyor of wholistic nourishing of mind and body. What might you find on a trip to Baptist South, sitting there on Montgomery’s scenic and ever-decaying East South Boulevard?

For starters, you’re talking about the largest health care facility in the city. It’s not just a hospital, but all of the usual doctors’ offices and surrounding medical hoopla for several blocks in all directions. Baptist’s main rival in town appears to be Jackson Hospital.

Baptist is about 450 beds and was founded in 1945. It’s got religious connections and is tied to the Baptist Health Care Foundation.

Here are a few photos from our most recent trip to Baptist.


2 responses to “If you go: Baptist South Hospital

  1. So, how was your visit–either for a procedure on yourself, or on another? How were the staff?

    I won’t ask about the food, because hospital food is in a (lower) class by itself.

    The good thing is that India Palace restaurant is not far away.

  2. The staff seemed to be quite professional. Overworked and probably underpaid, but generally kind and responsive. The food was actually better than I expected it would be.

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