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Los Cabos frontWe have been looking for good Mexican food in Montgomery since we’ve lived here. Regular readers will remember that we gave a big “meh” to La Zona Rosa, an “ew, but good margaritas” to the Advertiser‘s Best in Montgomery Ixtapa, and a “hey, this place is good” to Los Vaqueros. We’re still trying to sort out what we think about El Rey’s, mostly because it’s so good but so expensive. And we have liked Cuco’s Express in the past as a downtown lunch option, but are a little more lukewarm on it at the moment, even though the enchilada plate is a pretty good bargain.

You should be able to get a great Mexican meal for a good price in this town, and now we have a new favorite for exactly that: Los Cabos Cantina, out on the Boulevard in the same lot as the new bowling alley. I ordered the vegetarian fajitas, which were great. Really, really great. They were not greasy, and boasted a bunch of different kinds of vegetables including spinach (and, oddly, peas and corn). There is enough for at least two, maybe three people to share. We took it home and had a great lunch the next day.

Also at our table were the huevos rancheros, which were fantastic. The eggs had that nice little crisp on the fringes, but remained soft in the middle. They came well-dressed (but not smothered in) a spicy ranchero sauce and were plated with perfect amounts of beans and rice. The tortillas were hot and soft. There was also an outstanding cheese and spinach quesadilla that we ordered as a side simply because we were SO hungry when we got there. And it was outstanding.

The salsa is a little on the watery-tomato side, and the guac is not at the level of El Rey’s for sure – still too pureed and needs some salt and/or lime. But it’s pretty good. They have something on the menu called “top shelf” for guac, and we’ll definitely get that next time.

The atmosphere is nothing remarkable. It seems like there is the usual fare: fake decorations to make White people feel “festive,” soccer on two giant plasma TVs, big wide booths. The most remarkable thing is the unbelievable picture on the front door of the place: a drunken sombrero-d man in a hammock sleeping next to a hot bikini-d woman. Is this what Mexico is like? No? Is that even the right question to ask? No? Then why are so many establishments devoted to promoting this awful image of Mexico (for an especially horrifying example, check out this recent trip to an establishment called South of the Border)? I wish this image was not everywhere at Los Cabos.

The service was quite good: very attentive without being overbearing, lots of drink refills and such.

Prices were quite fair. We look forward to checking out the margaritas and other menu offerings.

All in all, we have a new favorite place for Mexican food in town.

Thanks to LiM regular Jay Croft for the tip!

5 responses to “Los Cabos

  1. Keep the restaurant reviews coming, please! Those in the local newspaper are a joke.

    There are also “Good Eats” reviews on Talk Montgomery.


  2. I frequent Los Cabos and, obviously, I agree with you. The Los Cabos Pollo Asada and their version of the Tex-Mex spicy staple, Chile Colorado, are probably my favorite entrées. As for me and the group with which I generally sojourn to such an establishment, we start off with the spinach dip; which is really just the usual cheese dip with spinach in it. That stuff is tasty along with our favorite add-on; that I will come to in just a second. Oh yeah, and the “Top Shell” (typo in the menu originally) Guacamole is certainly the way to fly. They make it by hand at the tableside. The taste and texture of the premium guac are far better indeed, making it worth the extra couple greenbacks if you are hankering for some decent guacamole. You are also right about the salsa. It is sometimes lacking in the flavor department but, ask for some cut up, fried (not battered) jalapenos, mucho dorado (mucho crunchy/well done). With these bits of flavorful joy, we generally dash just a bit of salt and about half of a lime on them to really push the taste of such a compliment to the spinach dip over the edge to euphoria, of course that could just be the endorphins…and the margaritas. Oh, and a plate of those little wonders will only set you back about a little ole George Washington note. If we sit around and have a few pitchers of margaritas between the 6-10 of us in the private meeting room (projector included) that Los Cabos has for parties and such, we will eat enough of those jalapenos, spinach dip and chips to just about fill us all up. But, just in case we are hungry, the menu has a few gems to offer that will heat up well tomorrow even if you don’t hit the two bite mark before the “ding-ding-ding, that’s it for your belly, buddy” bell goes off. I am not impressed with the quality of the chile relleno (one of my favorite foods if made correctly) or a couple of other things but, se lave and who can complain with the affordable prices? Guess what, I might get one from time to time anyway. The Hacienda Favorite is another good dinner. The Choriqueso (Mexican sausage, spices and cheese dip) is pretty tasty too but, it is a little salty for me, especially with chips, jalapenos, margaritas and partridge in a pear tree to add to the sodium count but hey, some folks really enjoy it. The lunch menu is quite affordable and I try to stop by with an old friend at least once a month to get lunch there. I believe that with the “Frequent Diner” (or whatever they call it) card, one may have a free meal if the card is punched 8 or 10 times. The workers and owner are nice and reasonably attentive, as you well noted. The chairs are a little uncomfortable and the décor is a bit too “fabricated, stereotypical, old western cowboy propaganda themed” but, I don’t generally show up to study the art on the wall of Los Cabos anyway. I can see how that could be a bit distracting but, bring a couple of close friends to cut up with and that’ll help keep the mural related distractions to a minimum. The men’s bathroom, I can’t speak for the ladies room, is quite clean. You don’t even feel as though you should wash your hands…right after you wash your hands (you know what I’m talking about). Hey, and the light to pull into Los Cabos is rather well timed to get in and out; without some of the frustration that comes with getting in and out of some of the restaurants on the Blvd. and, hell, about every place in Montgomery, I find that a plus…not a deal breaker, but a plus. Los Cabos is my favorite “Mexican Restaurant” in Montgomery. Well, have you given India Palace a try yet? If not, you should do that too one of these fine days. It’s one of my top 5 restaurants in Montgomery. Have a great day and keep up the good work.

  3. Amen to India Palace! I’m there at least once a week, usually for the lunch buffet; occasionally my wife and I come in for supper.

    They’re going to be serving turkey on Thanksgiving Day! I’m curious how this will come out.

    What are your other favorite restaurants, Jon G?

    And if I might make a suggestion–please break your comments into paragraphs. Much easier on the eyes. Thanks.

  4. Sorry about the lack of breaks in my Los Cabos rambling. Some comment boards and quick email boxes (including those on a few of our Congressmen’s websites for contacting them) limit the number of letters that one may use and I didn’t want to waste any of mine on hitting the “Enter” key. I also didn’t intend on writing a novel when I started on the comment. Sorry about that.
    Woo boy, that India Palace really puts it together don’t they? Lunch time is my most frequent window of opportunity to sneak by IP with a friend or two also. The girlfriend isn’t a big fan, to say the least, of Indian food. She must be a loon. This is one of the few areas in which our palates cannot agree, and they are polar opposite (because that place is definitely my cup of tea). Unfortunately, I won’t be in town for the Thanksgiving experience at India Palace, but the thought of those folks kickin’ out some turkey (hopefully with their own twist on flavor and fixings) makes my mouth water. Let me know how it is if you decide to swing on by and check it out.
    I’ll try to get back to you on some other spots that I frequent around town in the next day or so.

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