Ixtapa1We had to go to the mall to get new glasses. Rather than hang out and play the bad terrible games in the arcade there, we decided to get some food at Ixtapa, voted Best in Montgomery for Mexican food by the readers of Grandma Advertiser. This was not the best decision we ever made. But we were celebrating multiple legal victories and needed margaritas. After the disappointment of East China, which was voted by the the best Chinese food in Montgomery by the same scam poll, we should have known better.

First, the good news. The service is terrific. The menu has a vegetarian section, offering a few combo plates for around $8.25. The margaritas ($2.50 on happy hour special) are good and strong enough that you know they have tequila in them. The guacamole is a little too pureed for our taste, but pretty fair. We prefer slightly chunkier avocados, with perhaps a tomato cube or two. Then again, we have spent a ton of time in Texas and are very particular about our guac.

The decor isn’t the horrifying minstrel show Mexican you get in some places. We thought it was at least a promising start. We got the #19 and #20 combos – both with a cheese enchilada and veggie & cheese quesadilla. #19 included with a cheese-stuffed poblano pepper, while #20 rounded it out with a bean & salad-type tostada.

Both plates were kind of a cheese explosion, with the poblano item really drenching the bottom Ixtapa2of the plate in grease. We tried to capture the unappetizing image of the grease dripping off the fork, but this was the best we could do. While the golden torrents of liquid don’t quite show up, you can get a generalized idea of the “fill the entire plate with boiling cheese-bean-grease” technique.

We haven’t eaten that much Mexican food in Montgomery, but Los Vaqueros and La Zona Rosa are definitely better than Ixtapa. The idea that it is the best Mexican food in Montgomery is absurd, as we are finding the Advertiser food “awards” to generally be.


2 responses to “Ixtapa

  1. Congratulations on your “legal victories,” whatever they may be.

    Went to Ixtapa once, and wasn’t too impressed. La Zona Rosa is perhaps the best.

    I’ve eaten at Los Vaqueros a few times . Good but not exceptional.

    Another “sleeper” is Los Cabos, in the same shopping mall as the new bowling alley. They’re new, and anxious to please.

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