LiM Explains: The Court Street Recession Billboard

Recession 101

Did you see it? On Court Street just south of Jeff Davis? Were you confused? Yep, us too. The Internets helped us figure out that this billboard is part of a nationally funded campaign by an “anonymous East Coast donor” who wants people to buck up about this whole recession thing and bounce back. Leaving alone the question of whether the money would have been better spent, say, feeding and clothing the recession’s newly homeless, it’s still hard to reconcile this billboard with its purported message. “It’s a test not a final?” Seemed to us like this might be more like a preview of the apocalypse.

No surprise that the designer of these things is also the guy behind those billboards purporting to quote God – remember those? In case you didn’t, the people behind that effort (who have helpfully trademarked GodSpeaks because that’s what Jesus was into – intellectual property rights) are maintaining a website where their billboards are grouped with the racing car they also, evidently, sponsor and use as a vehicle for their heresy advertising proselytizing.

It’s a puzzle, this billboard nestled in a super-shady parking lot just off the freeway. What are we supposed to do after reading it? I thought it was more scary than anything else – like “Depression’s next, people – time to melt down your gold and turn in your neighbors.” That kind of thing is just a few steps away from an exhoration to save our Confederate money, and in any case does not seem helpful for people who need real assistance rather than the kind offered by eyesore advertisements functioning as tax writeoffs for struggling outdoor advertising companies.


4 responses to “LiM Explains: The Court Street Recession Billboard

  1. It’s worth noting that the Jesus-loving billboard company you mention, Lamar, recently rejected a billboard near Birmingham saying merely, “Imagine No Religion.” In the news story about the surrounding controversy, Tom Traylor, the general manager of Lamar Advertising in Birmingham, was quoted as saying, “Well, it was offensive to me” as the rationale why he wouldn’t accept atheist money.

  2. There is another at the corner of Bell and Atlanta Highway that reads


    (Hysteria fuels recessions.)”

  3. One more thing-

    Be sure to watch this video from our local news about a billboard in Florida. I particularly just love the anchor’s editorial comment at the end.

  4. That billboard begs for graffiti wit. Has anyone obliged it yet?

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