CSA – May 5th

It’s been two weeks since I blogged the CSA. In that period, we got one that I failed to take a csa5509picture of and one that we straight up forgot to pick up. How shameful, I know. I can only hope that it found a good home. This week’s bounty includes a truly massive bunch of turnips, greens and all. Stephen will probably work his magic on the greens, stewing them in a little water with some onion and veggie bouillon for about 40 minutes. The roots will join their friends in the refrigerator until we break down and make some kind of mash with them. Also in the mix are two lettuces (mmm), a new bunch of carrots, some collard greens (which we’ll probably cook with the turnip greens), some radishes (the tiny kind, perfect for salads, and a kohlrabi. That’s the purple thing on the left in this picture.

I’m no kohlrabi expert. The Internets inform us that it was a favorite vegetable of Charlemagne, and that it’s a relative of brussels sprouts. It tastes kind of like the stems of broccoli, and can be eaten raw or steamed or stir fried. I’m thinking stir fry…we still have some greens left over from the last CSA for that, so maybe it’ll match up with some tofu this week.

One response to “CSA – May 5th

  1. Looks like Gary’s doing some good work! Enjoy.

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