CSA – April 7th

We’ve got love for lots of things Alabama, including its vegetables. Fortunately, we take part in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of local and organic Red Root Farm in Banks, Alabama. Doubly fortunate is the fact that Red Root Farm proprietor Gary Weil is Stephen’s cousin. What this involves is basically receiving a big bag of vegetables every week for 15 weeks or so twice a year. In the fall, we were rolling in greens of all kinds, learned to love radishes, and got happy with cabbages.

The way it works is that every Tuesday we go over to El Rey and get our sack (printed by Alabama phenoms Standard Deluxe), leaving last week’s sack in exchange. We need to make sure we get there before El Rey opens, but if not they’re nice enough to put the bags aside.

This spring I’ve decided to blog a bit about the CSA, or at least create a photo

Week One - April 7th

Week One - April 7th

archive – maybe, if I get particularly inspired, I’ll even put some recipes up. In any case, here’s Week One of the CSA. We’ve got a bag of salad mix, some Swiss Chard, carrots, beets, green onions, and mint this week. As a bonus we also got some eggs from our friend Erin, who has chickens down in Banks. The eggs are unbelievable, and played a starring role in some fried rice last night. Sometimes the CSA comes with a handwritten note from Gary – this week’s suggested we use the mint in a foot soak or massage oil, but I’m pretty sure its destiny lies in some mojitos. After all, why put your feet in something if you can drink it instead?

4 responses to “CSA – April 7th

  1. You know, I was giving some serious consideration to using the mint on my front porch to make juleps, which I have never had.

  2. Mint juleps are a vital part of any Southern drinker’s skillset. Practice up (the crushed ice is key, the silver cups less so) and your summers will never be the same.

  3. a silver cup is an essential part of the julep! don’t be fooled!

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