Cucos Express

Ah, the mid-week lunch. So long on potential (Friends! Food! Leaving the office!), so often an exercise in regret (I spent $15 on what? Why is there pork floating in that?). If you work downtown, your options are extra-limited. You can get a vaguely chemically smoothie, pay $10 for something named after a famous French film director, get a vanishingly tiny salad or surprisingly oily pasta at the Brewpub, or… well, you get the picture. It’s more cast-off Goodwill paint-by-numbers than it is Seurat.

Enter Cucos Express, on Court Street. One of three Cucos in town, it manages to score a winning trifecta of fast/good/cheap. You can nestle in expansive and brightly painted benches, enjoy sort of oily but nevertheless good thin chips with your personal dish of salsa, and order from a limited array of vegetarian items. I got the cheese enchiladas ($4.59! Seriously?), which were good with refried black beans. Guac was also good, inexplicably served with even more chips, but a cut above average and definitely much better than most non-ice cream things served with ice cream scoops. The lunch specials also include a cheese chile relleno, but I usually shy away from those, being spoiled by the real kind. For $3 more you can get a vegetarian burrito. That is all.

But perfectly fine, fast, and – again – surprisingly cheap. ¡Viva!


2 responses to “Cucos Express

  1. The best lunch place in Montgomery for vegetarians used to be Young House, but it inexplicably closed except for special events (I say “inexplicably” because it was massively popular). The veggie burger at Flames is surprisingly good. Heck, the veggie burger at Burger King is okay too, although it’s just a Morningstar Farms veggie burger with various BK sauces on it.

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