Los Vaqueros

We were hungry. Hungry and broke. Looking to try something new, we headed out to the boulevard (the Eastern bit) to try Los Vaqueros, a place that had been on our list ever since our failed encounter at the nearby Saigon Deli. Both of us love Mexican food, and both of us have pretty high standards for such, having lived in parts of the country where good Mexican food is plentiful and cheap.

Even though it was half an hour before the place was schedule to close, we were welcomed and seated quickly. There were a number of vegetarian options to choose from – we got the vegetarian fajitas and a combo plate that featured a guacamole taco, a quesadilla, beans, and rice. We just got iced tea (one sweet, one unsweet) to drink, but the place definitely has a gigantic full bar with a lot of drink specials including $1.99 margaritas on Wednesdays and Sundays, and a steal on buckets of Coronas (9 for $6.00 – what a good deal) on Sundays. The latter seems appealing in that there are a bunch of TVs in the place tuned to Univision, which means they probably watch soccer and get lively in there at various times.

Food was fast and good. Not great, you understand, but solidly good. The fajitas were sizzling, not too oily, and not entirely composed of onions the way some veggie fajitas can be. Guac was tasty, but buried in a taco so we can’t comment on it as a dip. Everything had good flavor, and there was a good amount of food – we didn’t leave hungry, but also didn’t feel like they were trying to Americanize the portions. We also liked that they didn’t overdo it – something as simple as a cheese and onion quesadilla felt just as it should be, and not fancified. It’s clearly a place that is run by, and caters to, Montgomery’s Latino population. Everyone was super nice, refreshingly not offering the kind of phony scrawled-name-on-tablecloth Macaroni Grill service available at some other places on the Boulevard.

It was quite affordable. The veggie fajitas could be enough for two people, and were only $7.75 – a far cry from the $10-plus you’ll pay for a burrito at El Rey’s (even though we DO love us some El Rey’s); this and the combo and two drinks and tip got us out under $20. Great. We’ll definitely be back.

5 responses to “Los Vaqueros

  1. That place has been three different Mexican restaurants in the past five years. I have not tried this latest iteration yet but will have to stop by. Recently my favorite cheap-ish Mexican joint has been No Way Joses in the Bruno’s shopping center on Chantilly. Have you tried them yet? Delicious plantains!

  2. Haven’t been there yet, but the idea of good plantains definitely means it will Make The List sooner than otherwise. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Los Cabos is another good one. Just opened in the old Chico’s site. The staff is very friendly, and food is great.

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  5. THEY HAVE 1$ DRAFT BEER 3-7!!!!!
    Budweiser, Dos Equis, and a few others.
    I think its everyday.
    The servers are awesome.

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