Magic of the internets

Yes, dear readers, it was I who called in to WSFA last night with a question for mayoral hopeful J.E. King. I asked him what, as mayor, he planned to do to get Powder Magazine Park re-opened and deal with the blight around the Riverside Heights wasteland area. He didn’t say anything about the park, rightly observed that Riverside Heights was now the Air Force’s problem, and talked a little about redeveloping the Bell Street area (good idea … how exactly would he do that?). His big answer was something he’s calling his “Back to Green” initiative. What would this involve? Not sure – it seemed like maybe having residents pick up trash? Green jobs? A sub-par response, to be sure. I wish more people would ask the candidates about specific issues like this rather than seek platitudes about crime and “development.”

Looks like Todd Strange is WAY out ahead in the yard sign/name recognition race for mayor. He’s got a ways to go on the spell-check front, though – check out the spelling on “Ecomomic” here on his website. We undereducated Montgomery residents salute you, Todd!

Here at Lost in Montgomery, we look forward to hassling the rest of the mayoral candidates in the month leading up to the special election.


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