Sunday Thrift Stores

We’re looking for a dresser. Nothing special, just a larger dresser than the one that S now has, to hold various overflow items. We found one on Craigslist, but it was mammoth and completely unwieldy. So off to the secondhand stores! I’m a big believer in furnishing this way. When I first moved to Tuscaloosa, I brought exactly two chairs with me. I got a few things from IKEA, and everything else came from CL and thrift stores. Confidence is high. Alas, our plans are foiled by God. Isn’t that always the way?

We find ourselves across the street from Frazer Methodist on the Atlanta Highway. We’re stopped. Traffic has to wait while cops escort churchgoers slowed considerably by the weight of their worship experience across the street to dine at Arbys, Jim and Nick’s, Captain D’s. We are patient. Also a bit lost. Thrift shopping was  considerably easier in Tuscaloosa, in Birmingham, or in Austin, Seattle, or any of the other places we’ve lived. Not so Montgomery. The thrift stores are more spread apart than you might think, difficult to locate online, and – here’s the important bit – not, generally speaking, open on Sundays. We hadn’t really considered this. I’m neither “churched” nor from here, but probably should have known better.

Google reveals this list of Montgomery-area thrift stores. Notice how they’re all around the city – a big ring, with the exception of the Montgomery Rescue Mission Bargain Center (closed on Sundays, but looks pretty darn good from peeking in the windows). We drove by some of the highlights, and will go back another day when it’s religiously permissable to buy secondhand goods. Stay tuned for more thrift store reporting.


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